A downloadable asset pack

A VFX project of an AOE Ice magic spell inspired by the spells in many fantasy RPG's namely Divinity Original Sin 2.

The sequence features a build up of energy orbiting a magic circle which outlines the area of effect before a large impact of ice. 

This is my first real particle effect having only been working on VFX  for a little over a month.

Made for Search For a Star 2020 VFX Competition.

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract, open the unreal engine 4 project file. Project files located in the SFASX_2020>IceCrash folders.

Made in Unreal 4.22.3. 


SFASX2020_IceCrash_MichaelJones_Project.zip 685 MB
SFASX 2020 Documentation Michael Jones.pdf 3 MB
SFASX 2020 Ice Crash Showreel.mp4 45 MB

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